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Frank Mir Comments on Being Upset With CM Punk’s UFC Debut, and More


During a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, former UFC champion Frank Mir commented on possibly working in the pro wrestling business, being upset that CM Punk had his first MMA fight in the UFC, and more. You can check out some highlights and a video of the interview below:

On his thought process for getting into pro wrestling: “Here’s my thought process on it. Obviously, I could just jump in there and cash in on a couple times and show up. And I hope that Cain’s not doing it — like I said, I don’t care what Cain was doing. But I kind of did the same thing with standup comedy. There’s a novelty of — what’s his name, Two and a Half Men, the actor? Charlie Sheen. There’s the Charlie Sheen factor, and that’s when someone doesn’t really know what the f*** they’re doing at something, but they have such a name, they can probably fake it and make it. He did that one-man show, and it was a complete disaster. Sold out. F***ing jumped on a f***ing dollar. [Van Vliet says he went to one of the shows.] Was it as bad as people say? That’s not quite as bad as some of the reviews that scathed him, and his response was, ‘Well, f*** you. I got your money.’ I’m like, I don’t wanna be that guy. In other aspects of my life, I haven’t been that guy. When it comes to podcasting, doing standup comedy, I don’t want to just cash in, ‘Well. I have my name. I’ve done my work here.’ I think one, not only is it you’re s***ting on your fans, I think your s***ting on the other people who have been part of your sport.”

On being upset with CM Punk’s quick entrance into the UFC after he left WWE: “I was upset when CM Punk got a UFC fight for his debut. Well, if all of the sudden, for my first pro wrestling match, I get to jump into an AEW or a WWE match, what a f***ing asshole. So, I jump out there. I’m not going to look very good. I’m not going to do a great job. And what does that say to all the other guys who have worked and wrestled for fifty f***ing bucks for five years. It’s kind of a spit in their face. And now, I was one of the guys upset before when one other guy came over into my sport and just took another guy’s [spot]. That was my problem with it.”

On how he wasn’t mad at CM Punk: “I wasn’t mad at CM Punk for getting an opportunity. I was mad because it took an opportunity away from somebody else. Well, there’s one less guy on the card now, and he’s been working his *** off to be there in this world. You just jumped over him and get to be in his spot and on a main card? That’s kind of bull****. So, I’d be hypocritical if I’d be that same guy. So, I genuinely want to learn and put in and build myself up. Now, obviously, I’ll never be at the same level as someone like Austin [Aries] who has wrestled for 20 years. I won’t be able to do a 15-minute match and just flow and figure it out five minutes before the match. … That’s not gonna happen for me. But as far as giving a genuine effort to be respectful of the guys who have put in their work and time, I want to be that guy.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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