Frankie Kazarian Writes A Letter To The Ultimate Warrior


Dave Meltzer has an excellent write up on the life of the Ultimate Warrior. The article notes that people who dealt with Warrior said that he was open about the things he did to become the Ultimate Warrior and was very honest about the fact that he knew that he would likely die young. He would say things like this in recent months. Warrior’s father and father also died in their 50’s and Warrior would say that he knew that the drugs he took back then probably took years off of his life but he did not regret what he did because without doing those things there would not have been an Ultimate Warrior.

Meltzer noted that Owen Hart was his best friend during is early run in the WWF. There’s also a blurb in there about Warrior coming back in 1992 at 235 pounds which led people to believe that that it was a replacement and the “original” Warrior had died.


The reason he legally changed his name to Warrior in 1993 was not because he was crazy. It was because of legal issues he had with WWE over using the Ultimate Warrior name and since his legal name was now Warrior they couldn’t stop him from using that name.

Frankie Kazarian wrote a letter. The entire letter can be read in the Obsever but here’s an excerpt:

I do not mean to sound sappy or ramble on about my childhood memories. I just wanted to share with you a little bit of what makes me the wrestler, and the man I am today. A boy who bonded with his father over a shared devotion over this amazing character known as the Ultimate Warrior. I watched him this past Saturday, Sunday and Monday with a huge smile on my face, recollecting on the many hours of happiness he brought me. An hour ago I read that the Ultimate Warrior had passed away. I was stunned. Speechless. Heartbroken. Confused. This couldn’t be real. As I sat in my car, I picked up my phone…and called my dad. As expected he was devastated to hear this terrible news. Just as bummed as I was. But I’m certain he, like me, will now cherish those face painting, tv screaming at memories just a little bit more. Thank you Warrior.

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