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NewsGiulia Comments On The Reports That She's Headed To WWE

Giulia Comments On The Reports That She’s Headed To WWE



As we’ve been reporting here on eWn, WWE has been interested in signing Giulia for quite some time now.

Speaking during a new interview with Tokyo Sports, the reigning NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion revealed that she still has some “things to do” in Japan. She said,

“This is the first time I’ve been asked directly for an interview. What can I say…Giulia has grown up (laughs). But you know, I still have things to do in Japan. You’re going right into it (laughs). Do you know what my main purpose is in wrestling? It’s to make women’s wrestling in Japan a more accessible form of entertainment. I want more children to watch it, young people, and women to watch it. I think all the wrestlers are doing that much.”

When asked if she has a feel for things, she stated, “Hmmm. I wonder if that hasn’t arrived yet. But sometimes I think that going abroad might be one way to achieve that goal. But it’s no good just going overseas and doing a little bit of work. If you are going to do it, you have to do it right. If that happens, I think it will be a big decision. I still have things to do in Japan. There is nothing definite about the future. If I could say one thing, it would be Sono Giapponese (in Italian). I will carry the Japanese flag on my back.”

The current belief is that Giulia’s STARDOM contract will expire in March and she will be WWE-bound.

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