How Much Did It Cost To Produce Sting’s WWE2K15 + The Miz Vs. Sheamus To Continue?


Partial Source: F4WOnline

– The Miz & Sheamus squared off on last Night’s Raw and now again on WWE Main Event tonight. That feud is expected to last for a few more weeks.

– When the WWE2K15 video that featured Sting on last night’s Raw aired, the fans in attendance booed after it aired. At first they believed that he may be debuting live in the arena.

Speaking of WWE2k15 and Sting, 2K reportedly spent $200,000 to produce the video.

– Tyler Breeze tweeted out the following about the Miz:

“Prince pretty = moneymaker. Miz=uggo #RAW”

“All this talk about a “moneymaker” Must have missed that.. There is only one face that is not only a money maker, but is also gorgeous. #RAW”

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