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Impact Wrestling Live Results – 2/16/17


Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Results Page. If you post spoilers, I will reign down an ungodly firestorm upon you. ­čÖé ┬áThank you .

Show opens with a recap of Davey Richards heel turn on Eddie Edwards last week.


Mixed Tag Match: Crazzy Steve & Rosemary vs Moose & Brandi Rhodes

Decay is out first. Abyss is in the corner of Decay. Brandi is called Mini Moose. The ladies are going to start things off but before they lock up, Rosemary tags in Crazzy Steve. Rosemary distracts Moose and Steve attacks him from behind. He hits a couple of running dropkicks. Moose runs over Steve after the third attempt. Steve ducks and Moose goes to the outside. Abyss takes him down with a clothesline on the outside.

Steve goes for the pin but Moose kicks out. Moose hits a couple chops and goes off the ropes but Abyss trips him. Steve goes for a pin but Moose picks him up but and throws him out onto Abyss on the outside with a one armed powerbomb. Rosemary and Brandi are finally in. She takes Rosemary with a dropkick from the ropes. Her and Moose do a series of double Moose punches and Moose hits the knockout on Steve for the three count.

Winners: Moose and Brandi Rhodes

Backstage, Eddie Edwards is shown in the back. He’s not here to talk. He’s here to kick Davey’s ass.

Commercial Break

Back from the break and Eddie Edwards makes his way to the ring. He cuts a promo calling Davey Richards out. Instead, Angelina Love comes out and says she’ll say when he gets Davey. She said he never texted, called, or visited Davey when he was hurt and she was pregnant. She introduces The American Wolf, Davey Richards. He comes out to new music. Davey says he created the Wolves team and brought Eddie up from the bottom. He calls him a bitch and they brawl in the aisle. Security breaks it up. Eddie gets the mic. He challenges Davey to an Anything Goes Street Fight tonight.

Mike Bennett is throwing Braxton a bachelor party. Braxton wants to leave but Bennett introduces the guys who no one knows. So far, it’s just a bunch of them standing around drinking from a keg.

Commercial Break

Backstage, the Lady Squad comes in for their bachelorette party. Allie was in charge and it’s decorated for a child’s birthday party. Maria berates her.

Kingston vs Jesse Godderz

The match starts as they punch each other. Kingston sends him into the buckle. Jesse hits a dropkick for a two count. Kingston reverses an irish whip into a belly to belly. Kingston mauls him in the corner. Jesse fights out of a bear hug and takes Kingston down with a clothesline. Jesse hits a blockbuster for a two count. He hits a suplex and Kingston blocks it and chokes him on the ropes. Kingston hits STO for a two count. Jesse ducks a big back fist and goes for the Adonis Crab but Kingston blocks him. Kingston sends Jesse to the outside but he lands on his feet and hits a springboard forearm for the three count.

Winner: Jesse Godderz

The lights go out. When they come back on, DCC is in the ring but Jesse is up the ramp.

Back to the bachelor party, Braxton is miserable on the couch. Some stoner sits next to him and offers him weed. He gets up and tells Mike he’s leaving. Bennett talks him into staying. He says we need to amp this up. They start chanting Ben the Head? The big guy climbs the ladder and falls onto the stoner on the couch.

Tyrus is sitting on the set of Fact of Life and says it’s a special Fact of Life with your host, not Eli Drake, but Tyrus.

Commercial Break

Back from break and Maria is pissed about the party. Allie annoys Maria with silly decorations. Sienna can’t wait to open the champagne.

Fact of Life segment with your host, Tyrus. He brings out a not-so-special guest, Eli Drake. Eli comes out in an arm sling. He takes it off and has a mic. He blames Tyrus for dropping the ball on his case. He says he left him because he’s the main event and Tyrus is the guy in the background. He says he owns Tyrus and Tyrus grips him up and says he’s going to own him in that ring. He’ll see him next week.

Auditorio Municipal, someone goes in to see Konnan and says the Hardys are looking for them and they want a shot at the tag titles. Konnan says he can’t pay them but they don’t want money. Matt Hardy says he doesn’t want their measley pesos. Konnan double and triple confirms they don’t want money. Then says they have the match. He tells his assistant to find as much Hardys bootlegged footage and start selling this quick.

Commercial Break

Back from break and we’re at the bachelorette party. Maria continues to torment Allie as Laurel opens gifts. Maria says Allie will be the ring bearer. She puts a cupcake to Allie’s face. She tells the Lady Squad that they should go to a better party.

Broken Hardys vs Psicosis & Super Crazy

Matt tells Vanguard 1 to have an exit plan ready.

The Hardys make their way to the ring. There’s a big crowd in Tiajuana for this match. Some beautiful Mexican ladies go to see Vanguard 1.

The match was presented strangely. It was only highlights and many parts were blurred out like the logo on the side of the ring and the ref’s face. The Hardys pick up the win after Jeff hits the swanton following Matt hitting Twist of Fate.

Winners, and New Mexican Tag Team Champions: The Broken Hardys

After the match, the assistant tells Konnan that the Hardys are leaving with the belts. Konnan says they need the belts back. They go to the Hardys dressing area but they’re gone. They just disappeared.

The Hardys are teleported back to the Dome of Deletion. Broken Matt has another potent preemoneeshun. They find themselves challenging for the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles against a team that hasn’t lost in twelve years. That takes place, next week.

Commercial Break

Sienna vs Brooke

Brooke chases Maria around the ring and Sienna cuts her off. They battle on the outside and Brooke sends Sienna into the ring. Maria pulls her leg as she tries to get into the ring. Sienna takes her down with a boot. Brooke ducks a clothesline and hits a dropkick. She takes her down with a head scissors. Sienna hits a suplex. Brooke tries to fight back but Sienna takes her down with an overhead slam for a two count. She hits an avalanche in the corner. Sienna distracts the ref while Maria chokes Brooke over the ropes. Sienna takes tape off her ropes and chokes Brooke out while Maria distracts the ref.

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