Impact Wrestling Results – 3/30/17


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–Show opens with the creative team in the board room. JB and Josh are also there. They start to discuss EC3 but Karen Jarrett interrupts and says they’ll handle EC3 later but there’s something else. Meeting adjurned.

Karen Jarrett makes her way to the ring. She says no bullies in her house. She calls out Siena. They argue and she tells Sienna off. She gives her 15 seconds to apologize and starts counting down. Music hits and a new guy named KM comes down. He and Karen seem to know each other. He announces himself as Siena’s cousin and he gives Karen 15 seconds to apologize to Siena. Braxton and Allie come to the ring and Braxton fights him off. Karen announces Braxton Sutter versus Big KM tonight.

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Andrew Everett def Andrew Everett with a small package. There was good acrobatics and a few high spots.

After the match, Helms and Trevor Lee came out. Helms said it takes more than one win to earn another shot at the X Division and he offers him another opportunity next week.

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JB is in the ring and he brings out Rosemary. She says it’s better if the Knockouts keep their distance and accept their decay. ODB comes out and says she’s gonna be the five time knocked up champion soon. Rosemary says she’s not worthy and tries to leave. A bunch of Knockouts come out including Brandi Rhodes, Madison Rayne and a bunch of others. It turns into an all out brawl while ODB and Rosemary battle on the outside.

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EC3 comes to the ring. Says he needs to become the old EC3 and become the EC 3 time World Champ. James Storm comes out. He talks about how he was here when it started and he deserves a shot at the title. They agree to let the fans decide and they go back and forth rally the fans before shaking hands.

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Impact Grand Championship: Moose (c) vs Cody Rhodes

Moose controlled the action early with a series of moves. On the outside, Cody accidentally hit one of the judges with a super kick. Round 1 goes to Moose, 29-28.

Cody controlled most of round 2. He came off the ropes on the outside but Moose caught him and powerbombed him onto the apron. He grabbed a chair but Cody put Brandi in front of him and then booted the chair into Moose’s face. He applied the figure four for the last 30 seconds. Round 2 goes to Cody, 29-28.

Before Round 3 starts, Cody goes for a kiss from Brandi but she puts her hand in his face and tells him off and walks out. The action is back and forth. They brawl back and forth and hit moves. Moose does his moose punches and does a Dusty Rhodes atomic elbow. Code hits the Disaster kick. They exchange punches with under a minute to go. It turns into an all out brawl while they trade blows. Both men are down. They exchange punches as time expires and they continue after the bell. It goes to the judges. The crowd is yelling for one more round. Round 3 goes to Moose, 29-28. Very controversial decision.

Winner, and Still Grand Champion: Moose

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KM def Braxton Sutter after Siena grabbed Allie and Braxton turned his back. KM hit him with a powerbomb onto his knees.

LAX is sitting in their clubhouse. Konnan says Homicide needs to make sure no one interferes and that LAX wins the titles.

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Tag Team Title Fatal Fourway: Decay vs Laredo Kid & Garza vs Reno Scum vs LAX

Good back and forth between Ortiz of LAX and Laredo Kid to start things off. After an LAX double-team, things got out of control and all 8 men were in the ring. Most ended up outside. Laredo Kid with a high flying senton off the outside post onto everyone, followed by Garza Jr with a spinning splash onto everyone.

Back from commercial and Laredo kid hits a 450 splash followed by a second rope moonsault onto Santana from LAX. Ortiz breaks it up. They hit some double team moves and Abyss tags in. He takes control and Decay controls things. Reno Scum tags in and Laredo is still on the receiving end of beatings. A lot of back and forth tags and fast action. LAX took control of the match and hit several tag team moves and hit Laredo Kid with a Blockbuster into a Powerbomb for the three count

Winners, and New Tag Team Champions: LAX

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