Impact Wrestling Results – 5/18/17


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GFW Tag Team Tournament Match: LAX def Garza Jr & Laredo Kid.

A lot of nice spots. The finish came when Diamonte interfered and took Garza Jr out with a hurricanrana on the outside. Ortiz then hit a variation of the Canadian Destroyer and LAX hit their finisher for the three count. They advance in the tournament.

Backstage, Magnus approaches Bruce Pritchard and gives him crap about costing him the GFW title. Pritchard tells him he’s the one who tapped out. Magnus says he’s gonna do something about it.

Video shows of Laurel Van Ness and Kongo Kong and the build up to the Kong vs Sutter match.

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Kong Kong def Braxton Sutter. It was a virtual squash match. Sutter failed to get Kong down. The end came when Sutter hit him with two jump kicks and then got hit with an avalanche int he corner, followed by a slam driver.

After the match, Sienna and KM came to the ring and they beat down Sutter. Van Ness held Allie and forced her to watch. Mahabali Shera came down for the save. Braxton got on the mic and challenged Kong and KM to a tag team match next week against him and Shera.

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Videos of past Ultimate X matches is shown.

Backstage, the beautiful McKenzie Mitchell interviews Karen Jarrett. She makes a mixed tag match next week between Eddie Edwards & Alisha vs Davey Richards & Angelina. Magnus walks by and he pushes Karen away

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James Storm def EC3 by DQ. Magnus was on commentary and he interfered and stopped Storm from using the belt to whip EC3. He got escorted to the back by Bruce Pritchard and refs. The end came when EC3 hit two TK3’s on Storm and instead of going for the win, he goes out and gets the belt. The ref tries to stop him and he punches the ref out. He lifts the ref’s shirt up and whips his back about 10 times. The bell rings. The match is thrown out.

After the match, Storm attacks EC3. He hits the back cracker. Magnus comes back out and attacks Storm. He gets in the ring and Magnus and EC3 jaw back and forth. Pritchard comes back out and breaks it up. He announces that next week, there’s a #1 Contender match for the Impact World Title. EC3 vs James Storm vs Magnus. Magnus leaves. Pritchard tells EC3 to go back and look in the mirror and find his balls. EC3 attacks Pritchard and leaves the ring.

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Sienna def ODB to retain the GFW Women’s Title. ODB made it competitive for a little bit but missed a flying splash. Sienna hit the Silencer for the three count.

JB comes to the ring with a clipboard. He announces that he hired an attorney and as of right now, he has officially been reinstated. Josh had a meltdown over it. He wants to know who the attorney is. JB announces Joseph Park. He’s back. He says he wants to fight Josh. He challenges Josh to find a partner and fight in a tag team match at Slammiversary. Josh leave commentary.

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Ultimate X Match for the X Division Title: Low Ki vs Andrew Everett vs Trevor Lee

Great back and forth action with a lot of high spots. At one point, Trevor Lee had a chair and Low Ki punched the chair “injuring” his hand. Low Ki got tangled in the structure while trying to climb. Andrew Everett went for the title but Shane Helms climbed the ropes and hit a super neck breaker. Trevor Lee got back in and Helms was assisting him to scale the wires. Low Ki made it back and knocked both of them down. He climbed the structure again and got on top. Everett and Lee both scaled the wires. All three met at the belt. Low Ki from the structure, kicked both Lee and Everett down and was able to retrieve the belt for the win.


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