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NewsWWEEC3 - 'Rhea Ripley Should Save The Stinkface For Special Occasions'

EC3 – ‘Rhea Ripley Should Save The Stinkface For Special Occasions’



NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3 believes Rhea Ripley should save the stinkface for special occasions, and if the context at the time makes sense.

Ripley’s use of the move at a recent WWE live event went viral online and has raised a discussion about whether the move should be used today.

On a recent edition of the “Wrestle Binge” podcast, EC3 discussed the move in question and when he feels it makes sense for it to be used. He said,

“I mean, in the grand scheme of things, does that move result in victory? Does that set up the opponent for the finish? It’s psychology. Is she [Rhea Ripley] working the right body parts? Is the face her target of her offense?

“Give her credit; she trains hard. She has a great gluteus maximus and gluteus medius. I think that seems like a special-occasion kind of thing, whereas you don’t want to, dare I say, blow your load and do it every night.”

Ripley’s WrestleMania 40 opponent Becky Lynch has said that it sucks that this is what fans are talking about and believes the move is a step backward for women in wrestling.

Lynch and Ripley will face off at WWE WrestleMania 40 this weekend for Ripley’s Women’s World Championship. The Australian won the title at WWE WrestleMania 39.

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