Impact Wrestling Results – 6/1/17


Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Results page. Please do not post spoilers or else I will be forced to do bad things that cause major damage. Thank You.

Show opens with a ring full of men in blue shirt and white ties. EC3 makes his way to the ring and the group is a barbershop quartet. They sing a variation of his theme, and then a “He’s the #1 Contender” song. EC3 cuts a promo about Slammiversary and then the quartet sings a fight song for him.


The festivities are interrupted by Alberto El Patron. He runs to the ring. Then Karen Jarrett’s music hits and she’s at the top of the stage with Pritchard, Tyrus, and Dutch. Pritchard orders El Patron to put the GFW Title on the line against EC3 against his #1 Contendership inside a steel cage.

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Grand Championship Title Match: Moose (c) vs Eli Drake

Moose controlled the first minute of round 1 as he hit a few boots and tossed Eli Drake around. Drake turned it around by hitting a chop block. He spent the rest of the round dominating and working over Moose’s leg. Eli Drake wins round 1, 30-27.

Eli Drake continues to dominate in the second round. With a minute left, Moose finally turns the tables and hits a drop kick to Drake who was seated at the top rope. Moose hits a pop up powerbomb and a back splash. He hits the moonsault from the ropes. He went for a cover but his knee was bothering him. That flurry was enough to give Moose round 2, 29-28.

Round 3 starts off in a brawl. Moose hits the sky high choke slam for a close two count. Drake ducks a kick and hits a modified northern lights for a two count. They exchange shots with under a minute to go. Moose takes advantage with several forearms. Adonis grabs Moose’s leg while the ref’s back is turned. Eli Drake hits a White Noise and the time expires. There is a split decision for Round 3 and it goes to Moose 29-28.

Winner, and Still Grand Champion, Moose.

Backstage, Allie is worried about why Rosemary helped her. Rosemary comes to her and says she doesn’t have to fear and “we will protect you”.

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Allie def Amber Nova after a death valley driver. It wasn’t much of a match. Amber Nova hit a couple of moves and Allie turned the tide and hit a clothesline. Allie hugged her and the ref afterward.

Backstage, Joseph Park and JB roll up in a golf cart.

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GFW Tag Team Championship: LAX vs V.O.W.

The match starts off with both teams pushing each other. LAX gets control and hits some double team moves. Mayweather hit a backdrop but LAX kept control after a chop block. Santana hit an ensiguri in the corner and went off the ropes but Mayweather hit a power move. Both men make the tag. Wilcox hits a fall away slam on Ortiz. He takes him down with a clothesline and a samoan drop. Diamonte pulled the ref out of the ring. Konnan hit Mayweather in the knee with a bat. Homicide gets in the ring and hits Wilcox with the belt in the back. LAX hit a combination blockbuster powerbomb for the three count.

Winners, and New GFW Tag Team Champions: LAX

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Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews JB and Joseph Park. JB says he’s always wanted to be an announcer and never wanted to get in the ring. He’s not doing it against Big Poppa Pump.

X Division Title Match: Low Ki (c) vs Andrew Everett

After some feeling out moves, Everett takes Low Ki down with a dropkick. Low Ki reverses an irish whip into the corner and hits a stomp followed by some forearms. Everett sends Low Ki over the ropes and hits an ensiguri, sending Low Ki to the floor. Low Ki dodges a springboard and hits a double kick through the ropes.

Low Ki controls action in the ring. Everett tried to fight out but Low Ki hit a couple of kicks and went for a pin for a two count. Low Ki maintains control, despite several attempts by Everett to fight back. Low Ki continues to keep Everett at bay with kicks. Everett finally catches him with a mule kick and then a pele kick. Everett moves away from a charge by Low Ki and then hits a head scissor take down into the corner. Everett with the Shooting Star but didn’t hit all of it. Only got two. He goes to the ropes again but slipped off. Low Ki puts him on the ropes but Everett fights him off. He goes for another Shooting Star but Low Ki gets his knees up. Low Ki hits a running dropkick and then the flying double stomp for the win.

Winner, and Still X Division Champion: Low Ki

After the match, Low Ki goes and gets in Sonjay Dutt’s face at the commentary table.

Swoggle is leading a Josh You Suck chant. Spud attacks Swoggle from behind. He throws him over the barrier to ringside and gets a hammer. He beats Swoggle down with the hammer until security breaks it up. Swoggle is bleeding from the eye.

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GFW Heavyweight Championship Match: Alberto El Patron (c) vs EC3

EC3 tries to escape right away and Patron stops him and takes control. EC3 charges and Patron sends him into the cage. Patron tries to escape but EC3 stops him and takes control. He pounds him in the corner and hits chops. He sends Patron face first into the cage. EC3 charges him in the corner but Patron blocks it and hits a tornado DDT. Alberto tries climbing out but EC3 stops him. He hits a samoan drop off the top rope.

EC3 remains in control. He hits a back suplex for a two count. He hits a clothesline in the corner and then lifts Alberto up and drops him face first into the turnbuckle. Alberto fights back and hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker. He goes to escape the cage but EC3 grabs him and hits a face planter from the electric chair. They exchange shots and Patron hits a dropkick to the knee followed by a superkick for a close two count.

Alberto hits a couple of clotheslines and goes for the running ensiguri in the corner. EC3 ducks and hits a running cutter for a two count. Patron counters out of a carry into the cross arm breaker right in the center of the ring. EC3 gets out and hits the TK3 for a two count. Both men are down. EC3 gets Alberto up and hits a sit down powerbomb for a two count. EC3 climbs the cage. Patron is back up and keeps him from escaping. Both men are at the top of the cage. EC3 is down and caught in the tree of woe. Alberto hits the double stomp from the top of the cage. Patron goes to the top rope and hits a Frog Splash for the three count.

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