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NewsINDIEElias Returns To The Ring At Wrestling REVOLVER Show

Elias Returns To The Ring At Wrestling REVOLVER Show



Elijah (Elias) has made his return to wrestling. He is no longer with WWE after his tenure from 2014-2023, as he was released in September. Initially, he started in WWE NXT using the ring name Elias Samson, portraying himself as a musician.

In late 2021, Elias took a break and returned the following April, but this time as his younger brother Ezekiel. He transformed by cutting his hair and shaving his beard. However, he was again taken off TV that year and later returned as Elias.

Elias wrestled his first post-WWE match for Wrestling REVOLVER at their ‘Whatashow’ event on Saturday night, where he wrestled TNA’s “Speedball” Mike Bailey for the first time ever.

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