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Jake Roberts Advocates A Push For Griff Garrison In AEW



During a recent episode of his ‘The Snake Pit’ podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts covered a wide array of topics, notably delving into his belief in the potential of AEW’s Griff Garrison. Emphasizing his amiable personality and potential, Roberts highlighted the importance of nurturing talent like Garrison over time. He said,

“He’s a great guy to be around. So I can’t see him being hard to deal with. it just, it’s just something that’s going to take time. You know, you gotta focus on these people. You can’t put ’em out there one week and say, okay, show us what you got and expect a whole lot of anything. It just doesn’t work that way. You gotta put him in situations where he has to get over. That takes time. It also takes talent. You gotta feed him, somebody. You can’t work your way up the ladder without beating a few people. Exactly. In a singles match, he’d be fun to work with.”

Reflecting on his past encounters, Roberts also expressed admiration for the late Earthquake (John Tenta) on the episode. He shared,

“He was absolutely fabulous to get along with. Gentle, giant, for sure. And boy, ain’t we glad, ’cause he could kick some serious ass if he wanted to. I was amazed and shocked when I found out how long he had been in the business. He’d just gotten in. Yeah. He was, he was a rookie. And then I go out and do this angle with him. That’s the first angle he’d ever done. And I thought he’d been working for 10, 15 years to find out that he was a fucking rookie. Shocked me. Shocked me to no end, man.”

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