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NewsJake Roberts: Feud With Jerry Lawler Was In "Horrible Taste"

Jake Roberts: Feud With Jerry Lawler Was In “Horrible Taste”



As WWE transitioned toward the Attitude Era in 1996, Jake “The Snake” Roberts once again found himself at the forefront of WWE programming. Only this time, the master of the DDT wasn’t the same soft-spoken, cerebral wrestler of old but a born-again Christian, making one last triumphant stand in the ring. One feud from those days, a storyline with Jerry “The King” Lawler left a rather sour taste in The Snake’s mouth, and recently he explained why.

During an episode his DDP Snakepit podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer discussed WWE’s mocking of his alcoholism for use in the storyline, and how it felt.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

His feelings toward the storyline: “Absolutely was in horrible taste. They made fun of me for being an alcoholic. [Lawler] wound up pouring a bottle of whiskey down my face, burned the s**t out of my eyes.”

Whether the whiskey was “gimmicked” or not: “Ask Jerry he’ll tell you the same damn thing, because whenever it came time for me to pour it on him, he goes ‘You can’t pour that on me.’ And I go ‘what do you mean? You poured it on me.’ He goes, ‘Well, Vince wanted it poured on you.’ That motherf**ker, you know?”

How the locker room made things harder at the time: “I can’t say ‘boys will be boys’ because boys will be a**holes. They were constantly putting things in my bag that shouldn’t have been there, taking chances with my damn well-being because they were putting drugs in my damn suitcase that I didn’t know were there, and I’d find s**t in there, y’know? Paraphernalia and stuff. It was just horrible, man.”

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