Jaxson Ryker Stirs Up More Controversy After 2019 Black Lives Matter Comment Surfaces


WWE Superstar Jaxson Ryker (Gunner in TNA) is now facing a new controversy as comments he made on Facebook about Black Lives Matter from July of 2019 have surfaced. Ryker has since deleted the post, but it is available below.

Ryker referred to “this black lives matter garbage” and said that people of color should watch the movie 12 Years A Slave and “realize how good you all actually have it.”

“Pretty touchy subject but all this black lives mater garbage baffles me. I challenge anyone of any color or race to go watch 12 years a slave, the movie and realize how good you all actually have it. Learn heritage. Christ, Ghandi, Budda; they all Taught love and caring for others. This is getting out of hand. I Pray for this nation daily”

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