Jay Lethal Believes ROH Features The Best-Quality Pro-Wrestling In The US “Bar None”


Ring Of Honor star Jay Lethal recently spoke with Newsday.com about his upcoming ROH Heavyweight Championship match vs. Cody (Rhodes) & Christopher Daniels at the Hammerstein Ballroom for Ring Of Honor’s War Of The Worlds event. Lethal is focused on one thing only, putting on the best match possible.

Here are the highlights:

Standing Out From The Rest Of The Matches On The Card:

“It forces me to do something different. With other matches being so great, it’s becoming harder to stand out to make your match better or special or memorable.”

Not Holding Back:

“I think the old rule of holding back and saving something for the main event is old. It doesn’t hold up today in my opinion. Think of it this way… Let’s take Shawn Michaels. With that philosophy of holding back in the main event, if Shawn Michaels were in the first match, wouldn’t you feel robbed if Shawn Michaels held something back to save something for the main event? I think the fans get cheated that way.”

“Lethal said he does feel extra pressure to deliver in a main event for Ring of Honor, a company he believes features the highest quality pro wrestling in the U.S. “bar none and he said that pressure especially may weigh heavy on performers who recently arrived in ROH after long careers in other national wrestling promotions, including former WWE stars like Rhodes and Bully Ray.” (Newsday.com excerpt)

“I feel like they may all kind of, deep down inside, have the same mentality, because Ring of Honor really is the place where you’ve got to showcase wrestling. You’ve got to prove that you can go, so to speak and while I was away I had a lot of gimmicks where I didn’t have to wrestle, but I can still go. So I kind of had something to prove, I felt. But the reaction I got showed I didn’t have anything to prove.”

If you are going to use the quotes above, give credit to Newsday.com w/ a H/T to eWrestlingNews for the transcriptions.

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