Jeff Jarrett On Pairing Scott Steiner & Petey Williams In TNA, Tomko’s Main Event Push


On a recent episode of his My World podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett reflected on TNA Lockdown 2008.

Jarrett recalled working with Frank Trigg, pushing Tomko into the main event picture, and pairing Scott Steiner and Petey Williams on television.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On working with Frank Trigg: “I tried to rack my brain, I believe it’s a Samoa Joe original kind of connection. I’ll never forget the first time that I met him, but the first time I had a in-depth discussion with him was on a park bench at Universal Studios. We just kind of sat down and started chatting and I’m like this guy is not just articulate, but he’s got a boatload of charisma. He’s really good. How can we take this and he was just in and out, but I thought he was a great addition to this story specifically.”

On who was high on Tomko to be pushed as a main event act: “Well, if we back up into this story it was Christian, Tomko and AJ Styles. And I think Christian deserves a lot of credit kind of in the whole thread that he helped elevate Tomko and his talking, and obviously helped AJ and his kind of maturing as getting his range of — I say acting skills, but yeah kind of his range of character. So it all kind of worked together, and I know internally we were like, ‘Alright so it’s a ten-man tag, if you will. AJ’s there, let’s highlight Tomko coming out of the Christian split and push Tomko up the card.’ He wasn’t main eventing this show, but it was the Christian/Tomko storyline lack of a better world we want to give him the ball see how it turned out.”

On who put Scott Steiner & Petey Williams together on TV: “I was a huge proponent of Big Papa Pump and little Petey Pump. I don’t know who the original idea was [from], but as we were rolling through creative Scott was always, you know, his WCW promos when he shifted out of the Steiner Brothers into the Big Bad Booty Daddy. Scott’s got more range than you would think he would have. That’s one of the clips that got a lot of buzz over the last couple of weeks was Scott in India, which I continue to chuckle at, but Scotty’s range and him and Petey had a natural friendship and chemistry and I thought Petey brought a side of Scott out that was entertaining. I had forgotten all the shocking and we’ll call it the silly stuff.”

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