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NewsRosario Grillo Injury Update, David Finlay Teases Bullet Club Additions, More

Rosario Grillo Injury Update, David Finlay Teases Bullet Club Additions, More



Rosario Grillo suffered a serious ankle injury during a match on AEW Dark: Elevation this past year, and he recently discussed how it happened and how bad it could have been.

Grillo suffered the injury in a six-man tag team match against the House of Black at the December 28th, 2022 taping.

In an interview with George B, Grillo reflected on the injury and addressed his current status.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On suffering the injury: “It was very obvious that I broke everything when it happened. As soon as I hit, I could feel everything breaking in my leg. That was the finish in the match. It was one more move. It was supposed to be the forearm, Dante’s inferno, see you later. There was a split second where I thought I could get up, and then I immediately realized, ‘Nope, that’s not happening. I was screaming, ‘I broke my leg. Pin me, pin me, I broke my leg.’ I got carried to the back and immediately, I was like, ‘I’m done. Career is over. Wrestling is over.’ They wheeled me to the medical room and were examining me and originally, they were like, ‘you just broke your leg. It’s just your fibula, it’s going to be okay.’ It hurt way more than that.”

On how bad it could have been: “I get to a doctor’s appointment. My foot is not attached to my leg. Turns out, my ankle is broken, it’s completely fractured off, all the ligaments and tendons are severed, they’re gone, there is nothing holding my foot. Turns out, I almost lost my foot. ‘You were a couple of days away from your foot having to be cut off.’ As of Friday, my fracture is healed, I have four weeks until I’m cleared, and I’m going to be back pretty soon.”

NJPW Capital Collision and NJPW Collision in Philadelphia, PA take place this weekend, and David Finlay has made a huge tease for the upcoming shows.

On Friday, Finlay posted a video to his Twitter account, issuing an open challenge to Bullet Club members for the show and teasing that he could potentially face a member of the faction from another company. Finlay tweeted,

“This is a quick message to my Bullet Club members past, present, and future. This weekend, at the New Japan STRONG pay-per-views, I will be in the building just in case anyone wants to challenge my leadership of my Bullet Club. Let’s see if the guys wearing Club shirts in other companies are feeling as tough in person. Tough like past member ELP. Now ELP, I haven’t seen you online running your mouth since Sakura Genesis. Are you okay? By the way, do you know what an Olympic level asshole you have to be to have three guys almost fight over who gets to beat you up now? You need to reflect and end up better wherever you end up next, my friend. Like Tama Tonga did. Tama Tonga left Bullet Club, and he found his groove. Just a pity he didn’t find his father’s veracity, or his titanium skull. It’s great news for me and really bad news for you and your title, Tama. I’ll be seeing you real soon.

“To ELP’s replacement, I say this; we’ve been talking for weeks now, and you keep telling me that you were ready. But this weekend, let’s say at Capital Collision, the talking stops and you have to show me. You have to show me that you’re sick of being overlooked and underappreciated, just like I was. All this time and they’ve seen nothing in you. But not me. You do what needs to be done, and I’ll be there to welcome you into my Bullet Club.”

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