Jeremy Borash, Joseph Parks & Grado Discuss The Fallout Of Slammiversary XV, Borash’s Thumbtacks Spot – More


This past Wednesday, Global Force Wrestling hosted a teleconference session with Jeremy Borash, Joseph Parks & Grado to discuss all things GFW Impact.

Here are a few of the highlights: (you can read the entire interview session by clicking here)


Jeremy Borash On His Thumbtacks Spot:

“Well, there were 30 in me and counted 60 so I think along the way, some fell out or something. By the time I got back to the table, I think there were 20 that they had to pull out that I hadn’t pulled out yet. I would really not recommend, for anyone out there listening, jumping into a pile of tacks. For whatever reason, you might find yourself doing so, I certainly never would have expected to have done that. But I would tell everyone, it’s painful as “F” and not something that you’d ever want to go through.”

Joseph Parks On Having Father James Mitchell Return:

“It was a great, great feeling to have the good Reverend, Jim Mitchell back on the scene at IMPACT Wrestling. I’ve got a lot of great history with that guy. In my opinion, he is still to this day one of the best promos in the wrestling industry. He’s a really dynamic, pretty unique guy, pretty different guy, it meant a lot. He was as much part of Abyss as Abyss was. It was a great feeling to have him back, I thought it was a great callback to a lot of history with the company. As far as the future, who knows? He’s the kinda guy that could show up anytime, anywhere, so who knows?”

Borash’s Thoughts On James Mitchell Returning:

“I think you can look at the way the match went and look at the story of what happened in the match. He came back and we saw Abyss; in the weeks since then, we have just seen Joseph Park, so I would bet that if we ever see Abyss again, we’ll also see Jim Mitchell. It was a one-time thing but I think it’s going to be a wait and see situation. I’ve got to echo the earlier comment and say that he’s a brilliant speaker, that is a guy who can deliver a promo. He’s always been one of my favorites and has always been hugely underrated, just never given the platform but if you throw that guy in front of the right audience, the right stage, the right platform, he’s a star. He’s legitimately evil, that’s not a gimmick, the guy is out of his mind. He’d be welcomed back anytime.”

Borash On If He Thinks Scott Steiner Will Wrestle In GFW Again:

“We’ve all known Scott for many, many years and I’ve personally known him for years, going back to WCW. If I hadn’t known Scott Steiner for years, I would have been petrified with the whole situation. Back in WCW, when I talk about how it was a hostile work environment, he was a big part of that. If you saw him walking down the hall, I would usually just walk the other way, I’d do a complete 180 and just find another hallway. I toured with him several times across Australia and the UK, we would use tour buses and he would commander the back quarter of the bus. He would spread out there and you just wouldn’t go there, it would be like the animal in the cage. He gets respect because most people fear him. If you’ve known him long enough and he likes you or will at least tolerate you, you can work with him. Luckily, over the course of time, we’ve had a good relationship so working with him was an absolute pleasure, believe it or not and he contributed an enormous amount to that match in terms of creativity. He was great. To me, he’s one of those guys that tomorrow you could give him a web show where he rants on something for a minute and I’d watch it. He’s almost like a modern day Iron Shiek, you don’t know what he’s going to say, it’s gonna be crazy whatever he says and his reputation is now living on through the internet; with memes, GIFs, soundbites and parody songs and the cult following he has on the internet alone has been bigger now than it ever has been. He was an absolute treat to work with and I think we’re gonna see him again.”

Was Borash Worried About The G1 Special Airing On The Same Night As Slammiversary XV:

“No, not taking anything away from what they were doing but in this day and age with pay-per-views and live events, if people want to watch something then they’re going to go out of their way to watch it. I tuned in to some of that show the next day just because I wanted to see it, so I think with digital media as it is, you can’t really look at anything, outside of football, that will really mess with your television audience. At the same time, I think more and more people are just going to be choosing the shows they want to watch and having easier access to it, that’s gonna be the future.”

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