Jessamyn Duke Calls Out Mia Yim For Shayna Baszler Comments


Mia Yim recently took to Twitter to announce her upcoming match with NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler. She mocked the champ by calling her “Sharon Corbin”. Baszler’s good friend and fellow NXT star, Jessamyn Duke, didn’t sit too well with that. This sparked quite the back-and-forth between both women. Yim took a shot at Duke’s MMA career before Due claimed to get the better of Yim in a past sparring session.

Check out the exchange below:

“It’s bad enough that digs up an old joke that wasn’t even funny to begin with, but it shows what a massively insecure person she is attack someone’s looks. I’m going to enjoy watching break your teeth next week. You deserve it.”

“Me, insecure? Nah, fam. You the one insecure about your arm drags and body slams. Get the hell outta here, thing 2.”

“Don’t call me fam. And I don’t need an arm drag or a body slam to kick your head off your shoulders. Keep coming up with funny names to call us to entertain the cretins you call fans. Because they aren’t going to be entertained by the ass whipping has waiting on you.”

“Your kicks couldn’t hold you in MMA and your kicks won’t hold you in wrestling. Maybe you should actually pay attention in training.”

“You wanna talk about MMA? How many fights do you have? At least I’ve actually been tested in combat. On my worst day, I would wipe the floor with you and you know it. Funny how you never wanted to train Muay Thai any more after I handed your ass to you in sparring.”

“You should’ve been tested for more than just “in combat”.”

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