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Jesse Ventura Enjoyed Wrestling Tito Santana


Jesse “The Body” Ventura says Tito Santana was his favorite person to square off against inside a wrestling ring.

Jesse Ventura began his career adopting the persona of Superstar Billy Graham and mainly wrestling as a heel. During his time in the WWF, he partnered with Randy Savage and hosted his talk show segment, “The Body Shop.”


One person Ventura is familiar with is former Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion Tito Santana. The two wrestled for the title on December 7, 1985.

While appearing on Talk Is Jericho, Ventura spoke about Santana and called him his favorite wrestling opponent. The former actor referenced Santana’s memoir, Don’t Call Me Chico.

“Without naming a single match, I’ll simply say Tito Santana was the most favorite person I enjoyed wrestling out of anyone in the business. I don’t know if you know this, but Tito has written a book … He gave me a copy, and the reason I’m so touched by the book and him, is because the title of his book is Don’t Call Me Chico.”

Ventura is probably best known by pro wrestling fans for his commentary work with Vince McMahon. He briefly returned to commentary in 2009 when he and McMahon called a battle royal to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship.

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