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Jey Uso Would Like Rikishi To Be Involved In His Match With Jimmy Uso



Jey Uso recently did an interview with TNT Sports where he discussed a wide range of topics, including his feud with The Bloodline, wanting a WrestleMania match with his brother Jimmy, and more. He said,

“I feel like me and my brother’s angle would be different [from ‘The Bloodline Civil War’ angle going into WWE Money in the Bank 2023 because of] the emotion part. The promo part. Me and my brother, just us. Imagine the fire, imagine the emotion. If you saw it with Roman and you saw it with Sami [Zayn], this would be just amplified 10 times more, electric. I’m excited, ‘Uce. I’m ready just to deliver it to the people and I do want to main event — and I mean main event WrestleMania with my twin brother, man. In front of 100,000 people. Maybe I go on night one and Roman is night two. Like, we still run it. Bloodline is still running this.”

Jey added that he is open to having their father, Rikishi, be the special guest referee. He stated,

“Maybe a special referee. I don’t know about that hot tag — I take that back. I think Pops has got one more little run in him. I feel like the time is now. We’re just going to cross paths. it feels right. It feels good. I’m excited because it’s in our reach. Right now, man. We can do this in Philadelphia in a couple of months. I’m just excited about what the possibilities are, man. Even as a fan, I’m excited.”

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