Jim Ross Blogs: D-Bryan Angle, Lesnar Booking, & More


Jim Ross has posted another blog entry. Here are the highlights…

On Brock Lesnar’s Booking: No issues with Lesnar/Henry/Show but for anyone to think that Lesnar is as hot right how as he needs to be isn’t looking at Brock through honest eyes. His absence was long and Brock wasn’t red hot when he left. The former WWE and UFC champion is an amazing talent but he’s got little traction from where I sit and needs to promoted aggressively and soon if he’s expected to sell PPV’s at WM30. The good news is that it can be done.

On The Daniel Bryan Angle: I’m still confused as to where the Daniel Bryan/Wyatt Family storyline is headed. I’m trying to like it as I’m a big fan of all the men involved in the equation but I don’t know much more about their relationship or issues than I knew last week. As a fan, I needed a little more concrete info or a viable tease from these four men than I was provided.

On WWE Titles Needing to Mean More: On a side note, it appears to me that the reason that many UFC championship fights have more cache than WWE Title bouts is the simple fact that WWE titles need to be ‘shined’ and meant to mean more. That’s one of the biggest differences, as simple as it sounds, between UFC and WWE….UFC Titles have more meaning and are much like the old NWA and WWWF Titles of yesteryear in perception.

On Sandow vs. Khali: I’d prefer to never see another Sandow vs. Khali match…..ever.

You can read Jim’s full blog by clicking here.

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