Jim Ross Comments On Mike Rotunda’s IRS Gimmick In WWE, His Legacy, More


During the latest edition of his “Grilling JR” podcast, Jim Ross commented on Mike Rotunda’s IRS gimmick in WWE and his legacy, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Mike Rotunda’s IRS gimmick in WWE: “I thought that the team of [Ted] DiBiase and IRS was excellent. I really did, and I still do. Ted provided what Mike was a little short on, and Mike added a significant element. You can’t get in the ring with DiBiase and not be really good because he was so damn good. Mike held his end up on that very well. I had a good feeling about the long-term success of the Million Dollar Man and IRS. I liked that combination.”

On Rotunda making the transition from WCW to WWE and his constant gimmick changes: “It was also very tenuous. Another change in direction, another change in creative. The fact that Mike and Ted were a great team, but Ted was kind of at the end of his run. At least it seemed that way. It speaks to the bad luck of Mike Rotunda. Another stop in service. Another interruption in service.”

On Rotunda’s legacy in wrestling: “For me, it’ll be the Varsity Club because that was my personal favorite of his personas. It will not be Captain Mike. I like Michael Wallstreet, and I thought the addition to that presentation of Alexander York aka Terri Runnels, was a great addition to his presentation. To me, he’ll just be reliable Mike Rotunda. A company man first and foremost who was probably as misbooked as anybody you could think of that stayed around the business that long…..[his sons] are living off dad’s DNA. Great athleticism and a natural feel for the business. Whether you like their personas or like how they are being booked, irrelevant. Once they’re on the job, you can tell they have the ‘it’ factor, athletically speaking. They got that from their dad and grandpa Blackjack Mulligan. I just think there was a lot left on the table for Mike. He was so professional and always willing to stay in the hunt. One of the most respected and reliable talents I’ve ever worked with since I’ve been in the business. It was a pleasure to be around him and work with him.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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