John Cena Agrees With The Rock, Lawler Thanks The Fans


— John Cena replied an tweet by the Rock that read “When you succeed – embrace & enjoy it. When you fail – honor & respect it”, posting:

Can’t believe I’m doing this but couldn’t say it better myself

Jerry Lawler commented on his own Twitter account about winning Comeback of the Year, saying:

Thanks to all who voted for my comeback. Thanks to the doctors and nurses who helped me comeback. Thanks to God for allowing me to comeback

Pro Wrestling Syndicate will be running several shows over WrestleMania weekend. The shows will take place in Metuchen, NJ, and the following has been announced…

On April 4th:

* The Rock N’ Roll Express vs. Demolition for the first time ever

* Superstar Graham to appear.

On April 5th:

* Bret Hart and Superstar Graham appearing

* John Morrison vs. La Parka

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