John Cena Claims He ‘Re-Evaluated’ Himself This Week


— Top WWE star John Cena talked about taking time to “re-evaluate” himself on his Twitter account before the Royal Rumble event today. Cena stated:

“Have had very few moments to reflect on life, this week I took much needed time. Focused more than ever. Evolution begins with the 1st step.

He then later commented on The Rock’s shout-out to his training partner Michael McGillicutty (Joe Henning):

“Glad to see The Rock truly giving his all. Joe is most under rated superstar in WWE. C.M. Punk better be ready for tonight.”

— The Rock made the following post on his Twitter earlier today on the Royal Rumble event:

“I can feel it coming in the air tonight. #ElectrifyingFaith Next WWE Champion.”

The Rock also included a photo of him in the ring in Phoenix, AZ.

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