John Cena & Make-A-Wish Team Up, Daniel Bryan News


— The Washington Post featured an interview with WWE star Daniel Bryan heading into WrestleMania 29 giving an interesting perspective on his role with WWE and the responses he gets from the audience. Bryan added, “I don’t consider it wrestling. I’ve done wrestling. Everywhere. And just by being a good wrestler you can become popular. But not here. It’s more important to be entertaining than it is to be a great wrestler. It’s fascinating to me. Some things just stick. Why it happens, I have no idea.” To check out the full article, click here.

— WWE Champion John Cena is teaming with Make-A-Wish Foundation where you can donate air miles or dollars. The tagline reads, “Join WWE® Superstar and Make-A-Wish ambassador John Cena® for a look at how frequent flier miles help make wishes come true and change lives, forever. Learn how you can help make wishes possible by donating airline miles or dollars.” For more details, click here.

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