John Laurinaitis To Join The ‘Kiss My Ass’ Club Next Week?


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

There is discussion of having John Laurinaitis join Vince McMahon’s “Kiss My Ass” Club. If it happens, obviously it is most likely to go down on next week’s RAW while Vince does his performance evaluation on Laurinaitis.

It’s possible Vince will open the show (already planned) and then they’ll hype up that Laurinaitis will perform the ass kissing at a later point or during the main event of RAW.

There is also a good possibility that this won’t be done due to Linda McMahon’s current Senate run. Nothing is confirmed as of this writing. It’s basically pure speculation at this point but it was talked about backstage in meetings at RAW this past week.

More throughout the week.

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