Thursday, April 18, 2024
NewsJonathan Coachman - 'Wrestling Is Not About Wins, It's About Stories'

Jonathan Coachman – ‘Wrestling Is Not About Wins, It’s About Stories’



Jonathan Coachman has argued that wins and losses in professional wrestling play second fiddle to storytelling in a rebuttal of AEW’s Tony Khan.

This week, Khan went on an outburst regarding Jinder Mahal, who will challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship next week despite an unflattering win/loss record.

Responding to the controversy on Twitter, Coachman pointed out that he could have been a World Champion in WWE had the right storyline arisen.

Mahal will challenge Seth Rollins on next week’s episode of RAW. The pair previously faced off to crown the first WWE NXT Champion in 2012 in a match that Rollins would win.

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