Jonathan Gresham & Baron Black Explain How They Will Book Female Wrestlers In Terminus


During an interview with Fightful, Jonathan Gresham and Baron Black spoke about how they planned to book female wrestlers in their new company Terminus Pro Wrestling.

Gresham on how to advance women’s wrestling: “The only way to have women’s wrestling further develop is to use women on shows so they can learn more and show you what they are made of so they can be main events and world titleholders. To me, you have to open the floor and let them do what they want. To me, it’s easy and simple. I watch a lot of independent wrestling, I can’t watch the mainstream stuff, but I watch a lot of independent wrestling and see so many great talents that I would like to work with, but I get a lot of help from my lady [Jordynne Grace].”

Black on booking women on the shows: That was one of the first things we talked about when putting TERMINUS together, what female grapplers/wrestlers we’re going to use on this debut show. I believe there are quite of few out there that are really good. I came into passing with a lot of them through AEW and I’ve seen a lot on independents. That was one of the first conversations, ‘which women wrestlers are we going to have on this debut show.’ The one’s we have chosen are going to be pretty great.”

Gresham on what they will call their wrestlers: “One thing I would like to reveal is, for the longest time, everybody has gotten hooked on this term ‘superstar.’ WWE came out with it, IMPACT started to say it, independent shows started to say ‘superstar.’ I hear people call themselves ‘superstars,’ to me, I don’t like it and I want it to change. Be different. In TERMINUS, wrestlers won’t be known as wrestlers or superstars, they will simply be known as grapplers.”

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