Jordynne Grace Is Interested In A Rematch With Deonna Purrazzo, More


During a recent appearance on the “Women’s Wrestling Talk” podcast, Jordynne Grace commented on wanting a rematch with Deonna Purrazzo, her dream matches, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On her dream matches: “Man, you know, my other dream match will be with Natalya and she’s also with WWE. I am trying to think about someone else that will be just an incredible person to have a match with. All the people that are my dream matches are either retired or in WWE, to be honest. Because Awesome Kong just retired, she was another one that I would say would be one of my dream matches, that’d be awesome. But you know, actually, I lied, there is one person that I really feel like would come out of retirement to have a match with me and that is Gail Kim. I’ve been talking to her about it for a while and I feel like she would do it.”

On wanting another match with Deonna Purrazzo: “My goals are to definitely get back in the ring with Deonna. I feel like she’s one of the people that I have the best chemistry with. I feel like we can go so much harder than we have before, especially with fans. Now, I feel like we can just go in and give it our all. So, she’s definitely one of the people that I want to get back into the ring with. Other than that I would love to compete in the exhibition again, that’s one of my goals and it has been for a long time. I did it one-time last year, and I just want to continue kind of breaking the glass ceiling, so to speak, and kind of setting the bar in that aspect of intergender wrestling.”

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