Josh Mathews: Impact Wrestling Is The Brand We’re Bringing To Bound For Glory


PWInsider talked with Josh Mathews to ask him about ‘Global Force Wrestling’ not being included in the announcements and press releases for Bound For Glory. He replied by saying:

“You know, I wish I could tell you everything and tell you that ‘this is what it’s going to be’, because I think we did a great job in January of getting rid of TNA, of getting rid of that brand and becoming Impact, then becoming GFW,” said Mathews. “Now, you’re right, if you look at that graphic, it says Impact Bound for Glory, and that’s the brand we are bringing to Ottawa. Those are the tapings that is coming to Ottawa. That’s the show that’s coming, Impact. I know that doesn’t really answer a whole lot of questions, but that’s what we’re doing. That’s what we’re bringing up there. That’s what you’re going to see and after what you see on November 5th, to be determined, I suppose.”

Mathews moreover told the website that there’ve been conversations about changing the name of the upcoming Global Wrestling Network streaming service too.


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