​JR/Y2J Podcast Previews, John Cena Tweets, WWE Stock


— At the closing
bell on Wednesday, WWE stock was at $22.10 per share. That is down about 2% from

— John Cena
tweeted the following regarding his 37th birthday on

“Time,some wish 4 more,some wish 2 stop it,but we all only
have so much of it. NEVER take that for granted. Work hard, but take TIME 2

— Below is the official episode description for the latest
episode of Jim Ross’ podcast, The Ross Report, featuring Jim Cornette:

< b>”JR has plenty to discuss with Jim Cornette including
The Undertaker’s defeat at Wrestlemania 30, CM Punk’s departure, Daniel Bryan’s
future, the best fast food joints around the country, lucky horseshoes ,
successful heels in the WWE, and whether or not Midnight Express should be in
the WWE Hall Of Fame.”

— And for Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast, below is a
description for the latest episode featuring William Shatner:

“Intergalactic star William Shatner joins Chris
in-studio…and he LOVES wrestling even though he was boo’ed at the WWE Hall of
Fame! Hear that… along with tales of UFOs, ghosts, Captain Kirk, Star Trek
films, dealing with hecklers & haters, and of course a tour of ‘Shatner’s

Both shows are available to download on Podcastone.com.

Listen to Jim Ross’ podcast
Listen to Chris Jericho’s podcast

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