Kazarian: ‘It’s An Honor To Work With The Great Muta’


In an interview with Wild Talk Radio, Kazarian spoke about working with The Great Muta at TNA Lockdown. Here are highlights:

On who he wants to see in TNA: “That’s tough; I try and follow the indy scene as much as I can but admittedly I’m sometimes lazy when it comes to that, I really need to get back into that. Guys who I have wrestled before but I fell that would make a tremendous addition to the TNA roster and the Young Bucks, Matt and Nick. We’ve had discussion about them coming in; those guys are dynamic performers and could come back to TNA and make a major impact, no pun intended. But then there’s guys in the indys, guys I knew coming up in the business that are still doing very good and haven’t been on TNA at all or very much, guys like Rocky Romero and Alex Koslov and Ricky Reyes and guys like that. These are guys who I think could do something here and there’s a lot of hungry, talented indy guys in Ring of Honor or PWG and that. But I don’t know if I could really just single anyone out talent because I’m not as familiar as I once was with the whole independent scene. But obviously there are guys, I’d like to see Amazing Red back and Petey (Williams) and Sonjay (Dutt) and Alex Shelley and those guys and Jay Lethal. Those guys are friends and tremendous athletes. But, we’ll see, I’m sure there will be a lot more new faces coming up.”

On facing The Great Muta at Lockdown: “It’s a thrill; it’s another one of those things like when I was affiliated with Ric Flair. You know, you dream about being a wrestler as a child and you grew up watching these guys and sometimes you have to take a step back when you’re in the ring with them and step out as say ‘Wow, this is cool. This is literally living a dream.’ Muta is no exception to that; he’s a legend. He’s a guy I grew up, and I can’t say watching, but reading about obviously because I didn’t watch Japanese wrestling as a young kid. All I could do is read about him and reading about him, I thought ‘Wow, he looks cool’ and I knew he was a big deal. And getting older and discovering tapes and such, he’s a legend. So, to have the opportunity to wrestle him while he’s still physically into wrestling, which you don’t know how much longer that’s going to be; it’s a thrill, an honor and I’m very, very psyched and to do it with my friends Christopher Daniels and Chris Sabin. It’s going to be good man, it could be the sleeper match, I’m just saying right now. Could be that one that sneaks in there and steals the show, because we have been known to do that. We are wanted in the state of Florida for stealing several shows, so let’s see if we can even make it into the building that day.”

On the trip to Japan: “We did, we did. We when over there to participate in the Wrestle-1/TNA ‘Outbreak’ pay-per-view, which was held at Sumo Hall, Sumo Arena, which is a venue I’ve wrestled in a couple of times in my previous journeys to Japan back in the day. It was an amazing even and I was thrilled to be back in Japan. Wrestling there, you can’t really describe it unless you’ve been there; it’s very, very cool and always an honor. The show was great and all parties involved were very happy with everything: the effort, the matches, and I can’t wait to go back, I hope it’s soon.”

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