Keith Lee On His ‘Bearcat’ Gimmick; How Vince McMahon Convinced Him


After a positive first few months on Monday Night RAW under his established ‘Limitless’ persona, Keith Lee took a five-month hiatus due to a COVID-19 diagnosis, followed by heart inflammation.

Upon his return, Keith Lee had a brief run under the ‘Bearcat’ gimmick that was not well received by the WWE Universe, before being released shortly thereafter.


In an appearance on the Grapsody podcast, the former NXT Champion talked about how he turned down the gimmick at first until Vince McMahon appealed personally to him.

You can check out highlights from the discussion below:

On refusing the gimmick initially: “When it was presented to me, I was like, ‘what and why?’ I initially said, ‘No, thank you,’ and they left it alone, and I said, ‘Cool, I’m in the clear.’”

On Vince McMahon convincing him: “Vince pulled me into the office and was like, ‘Hey, listen. I need you.’ And I feel like, you know, that chick that’s got her crush, and she’s finally chosen? I’m like, ‘What? You need me? I would love to be there for you. I will fix you, Vince. I will do it.’”

On why he couldn’t make the gimmick work: “Maybe I couldn’t deliver that character the way that they wanted to because, at the end of the day, I’m not [a] generic big guy. I’m not ‘ooga booga.’”

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