Keith Lee Talks NXT’s Great American Bash Spoilers, Upset About The Leak


Newly crowned NXT World Champion and North American Champion Keith Lee was interviewed by TalkSport where he discussed how “uncool” it was for the results of his Title vs. Title match against Adam Cole being leaked out in advance.

The “Wednesday Night War” between AEW and NXT:

“Honestly? I don’t even really think about that. It’s nice to have competition in general, but I’m always competing with myself. So it isn’t really about anyone else. It’s for Keith Lee to go out and do the best that Keith Lee can and if Keith Lee did good, how much better can Keith Lee do the next time? That’s literally my own mantra. There’s always competing with yourself. I love competition, but 99.9 percent it’s against myself. I do believe competition is good for everybody, but for me specifically, it’s good for myself [laughs].”

On his match with Adam Cole being spoiled/leaked out:

“Not at all, man. When you think about it, as you say ‘apparent leaks’, look, at the end of the day the only way someone knows what happens is when it airs. For those people that think that they’ve unloaded some big mystery or something is one thing, but the only thing that makes me sad in the scenario is how many of them are trying to ruin it for other people, because there is the potential for it. Then again, some people could be very happy about it. If that were to change because of the scenario, I don’t know… I just feel like that is not good for people. And then for the people that don’t want that potential spoiler or whatever it may be, it’s not fun for them either. To me, it shows me how uncool some people can be, but at the end of the day, you don’t really know what’s happening until it happens and that’s just the truth of the matter. So if they feel righteous in their activities, then hey, good for them. The people that have to look at that, they aren’t having fun. And I think they should consider them before anybody else in this situation.”

Was WWE aware of he and Dominik Dijakovic working together in the past before their NXT run?:

“In my personal, honest opinion, I don’t think everyone within the company is always aware of things going on outside the company. So I don’t think people were actually, necessarily aware of some of the things that we were capable of as athletes. I think it was just a radical mixture of luck and circumstance and at the end of the day, them seeing something they’ve never seen before and saying ‘woah, this is a competition that probably shouldn’t be just let go so easily,’ and we got more than one opportunity. And as that grew it continued and, goodness, I’m not even sure how many matches we’ve had across television even before Portland! I think it’s just them seeing it for the first time and saying ‘wow! These two guys push each other to a completely different level. It’s probably money!’ And just accepting the fact that we are some next level athletes.”

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