Kenny Omega Returns On The 300th Episode Of Being The Elite (Recap)


Being The Elite (BTE) celebrated its 300th episode on Monday, featuring the return of Kenny Omega and a special “match” for the BTE Championship between The Young Bucks and Adam Cole.

You can check out the video, along with the full episode recap below:

* Tony Schavione starts off by asking the Men of the Year about Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti. Sky groans and says he doesn’t want to talk about them because he’s TNT Champion and they’re just a couple of airheads. Matt Jackson shows up with a packet of Airheads and makes him eat the candy as is tradition. Matt leaves and Sky turns around to apologize to Page, but it’s just Christopher Daniels there. Daniels says that Warner Bros is in talks with a different candy company, so Sky is in violation of WarnerMedia’s sponsorship policies. As such, he has to fine him.

Cue Frankie Kazarian, who walks up and says that if Daniels wants to find anyone, he should fine the “a**holes” running around filming vlogs. He names off a bunch of vlogs and Daniels says if he wants to film a vlog, he can. “Austin, TX” appears on the screen, Sky notices it and with SCU temporarily reunited, Sky says “This is the worst town I–” before getting cut off.


* The Young Bucks are in a parking lot to kick off episode 300, but they have no idea what to do. They run through what they did for 100 and 200, but they have nothing left. Nick then says “F off, I’m not sorry.” They threaten to end the series right here and Nick Jackson does a Macho Man impression, but Jay Lethal walks in and says he’s not a fan of it. He thinks its borderline disrespectful. Nick asks Jay if he thinks he can do it better, and Jay does just that. They do competing impressions, which ends with Jay putting Matt on his shoulders Elizabeth-style. Matt declares Jay the winner, and Nick challenges Jay to a match.

* Arthur and Trevor are backstage at Dynamite and say that AEW should fire the Young Bucks since they now have the real deal. Trevor tells Arthur that’s a bad idea and that the Hardys should ignore the politics. The Hardys head out for their match.

* The Bucks are backstage and say that it’s funny that the Hardys think they’re on their lvel but they’re not even close. They complain about the pop the Hardys got and call them a nostalgia act before Matt and Jeff walk in. The Bucks immediately change tactics and put them over, and ask if they’ve reconsidered the ROH Hall of Fame offer. Matt says they don’t need to be in the ROH HOF and say they’re here to prove they’re GOATS of tag wrestling. Jeff asks the Bucks why they don’t wrestle anymore and say they’re a couple of pre-tape wrestlers, just politicking backstage all day. Matt Jackson says they’re busy. Matt Hardy says that in seriousness, the The Bucks have represented tag team wrestling for the last 10 years, but they are undisputedly the best team of all time, and they want to beat the Bucks. The Bucks say they’re totally down with it. The Hardys leave and the Bucks say “F the Hardys” and start talking crap, but when Matt and Jeff walk back in they switch back to ass-kissing mode.

* We get a look at the Hollywood sign and Ryan Nemeth says in voiceover that people go to the movies to forget who they are and pretend to be someone like him. He says he was a pretty face but he’s so much more than that. He’s the writer, the director, the producer, the money man. He says he’s the one pulling all the strings: he is The Leading Man.

* The Bucks then say they’ll be on AEW’s live Twitch on Wednesday at 11 AM ET for the debut of All Elite Arcade.

* We then get Chuck Taylor, Trent and the Best Friends doing a slow-motion montage in catering as they’re jerks to several people, including Kris Statlander eating Daniel Garcia’s banana and Danhausen curses Brian Pillman Jr. Brandon Cutler then walks up and helps The Bunny open her soda, and tries to join in the slo-mo walk only to have it stop. Danhausen tells Trent, “Hey, didn’t you you want to kill this fellow?”

* We then get an ad from Mark Sterling Esq. talking about how he’s never lost a case, just like Jade Cargill is undefeated in the ring.

* Peter Avalon bursts into a room and says he knows who took Howdy Price’s hat. -1 took it on AEW Dark episode 122, and Howdy hasn’t been the same since. He says they need to find him a new hat, and have Howdy come in. They have a “hatervention” and Howdy imagines that he has to choose between his hat or the Hat Boys being dropped into a secret volcano by a pterodactyl. Howdy chooses his hat, then comes to and the Hat Boys think he’s better.

* Alex Jebailey is backstage watching his match against Michael Nakazawa at AEW Fyter Fest 2019 and says he misses wrestling in AEW. He asks the guy next to him if he wants to watch it again. That person — Kenny Omega — says “Uh, no I do not want to watch it again. No one wants to watch this again. We’ve watched this about 100 times since I’ve shown up. It’s an embarrassment, is what it is.”

Alex asks if Omega knows who’s house he’s at. Kenny says it’s Alex, but Alexa says it’s “Swerve’s House.” Omega asks who Swerve is and Alex asks if he’s been keeping up with Dynamite. Omega says no but to put Dynamite on and asks how Adam is doing. Alex says “Which one?” Jebailey says CM Punk is at his best, Keith Lee is there; AEW is the best it’s ever been even without Omega. They watch Dynamite and Kenny complains about AEW like he’s a Twitter user. He tries to call the Young Bucks to complain but their numbers aren’t valid anymore. He tells Jebailey to put on the old stuff.

* Karl Anderson talks about BTE 300 and is there with his kid. He goes to take a drink and his kids say don’t do it, but he says he’s got that under control. He takes a drink and turns into Sour Boy. His kids say Sour Boy is the worst.

* Matt Jackson’s 50+ seconds for 50+ sees him make a protein smoothie.

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