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Kevin Nash On Juice Robinson’s Controversial Promo, Undertaker/Shawn Michaels Reunion



On a recent edition of his “Kliq This” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash discussed Juice Robinson’s controversial promo on AEW Dynamite where the Bullet Club Gold member said that he had a roll of quarters with MJF’s name on it.

The timing of Robinson’s promo couldn’t have been worse, especially with the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

Nash also spoke about The Undertaker reuniting with Shawn Michaels in his office ahead of his NXT appearance last week.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Tony Khan’s Twitter tirade: “No wonder Jade [Cargill] left [AEW].”

On the controversial Dynamite angle: “The antisemitic hate is rife. Do we even want to put a f—ing match anywhere near something that could … it’s like, there’s heat, and there’s cheap heat. You can go to the Humane Society, get a bag of kittens, and have them go around the ring and smash them with an aluminum baseball bat — yeah, the people will moan, they’ll throw up, and there’ll be heat … but it’s not the kind of heat you want.”

On if the angle could have worked in a less sensitive time: “In a world without hatred, it’d be okay to do the quarter thing. Yeah, because, it wouldn’t mean anything. We don’t live in that world.”

On MJF’s response to the controversy: “I don’t blame him … I still think that [in] a scripted sports entertainment segment … the Jewish rebuttal has to be so PR cleansed because you can’t just go off of hatred to what they’ve done to your people.”

On The Undertaker reuniting with Michaels: “I saw a great [post] on Instagram. They had a clip where Undertaker walks in “HBK’s” office, and [Michaels goes], ‘Whoa, Undertaker!’ Taker goes, ‘Just want to tell you, man, I got my gear in the trunk.’ That was an Old Man Louie-type deal … And Shawn says, ‘Ah, you won’t need your gear.’ And Taker says, ‘What, [have] you seen my last match?’ [Nash laughs].”

On how much he loved the clip: “See, people think that Taker was always this solemn [character]. It’s like, ‘No, man. That’s Mark [Calaway], man.’ … We were always blessed to see that, but it was nice to see it. Like, when I saw it today, I popped. You know, I just f*****g popped because he’s got some really, really dry good sense of humor.”

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