Kevin Nash Reveals what he Would Do Differently with WWE Right Now


During a recent appearance on the “Catch Au Quotidien” show, Kevin Nash revealed what he would do differently in WWE right now, being part of WCW’s creative team back in the day and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On what he would do differently with WWE: “[I would] somewhat change the format. It’s just that it starts out pretty much the same every week where somebody comes down, cuts a promo, they get cut off and basically, the main event is set up in the first 15-to-20 minutes.”

On being part of WCW’s creative team: “When I was booking, we had to write three hours of Nitro and two hours of Thunder, but since Thunders together, you had to book Nitro around to fit between that Thunder to make that work. So you were booking 10 hours of TV every Wednesday, and flipping it and flipping it. If one person got hurt, or it would be timing. It was just, logistically, a nightmare.”

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