KiLynn King Believes A Second NWA Empowerrr Event Will Happen


KiLynn King worked the first NWA Empowerrr event, and she believes a second all-female NWA show could be in the cards.

The first iteration of Empowerrr took place in 2021, but there was no second event in 2022. At the time, Billy Corgan seemed optimistic that a second show could happen, but not in 2022 because there wasn’t “a ton of free agent talent available that can work at the television level” among female wrestlers.


King spoke on the “Putting You Over” podcast to discuss the situation. You can read highlights of her comments below:

Discussing Corgan’s comments from last year: “I only heard part of the interview. I’m not one-hundred percent sure what they said or how they phrased it, but I think it was a miscommunication between what was said. The internet likes to take things and go wild with it. I think there’s a crap ton of female talent on the independents, in major companies, all over. I know for a fact the women at Impact would love to do something like that. There’s so many talented women that there’s absolutely the possibility for Empowerrr 2.”

Whether a second Empowerrr will happen: “I think we will get it. I think it’s gonna happen, it’s just a matter of when and where.”

King’s podcast appearance can be heard below:

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