Kofi Kingston Shows Off His New Sneakers on SmackDown (Video), Cesaro News


Cesaro took to Twitter earlier today, promoting the mobile gaming eSports organization, Tribe Gaming. They are trying to raise more than $1 million in seed funding. He said,

“I’m very excited to be part of @TribeGaming! Let’s goooooooo.”

Kofi Kingston posted the following video to his Instagram account, showing off the new sneakers he wore on SmackDown.

“Did you see?! DID? YOU? SEE?! What my man @mache275 did for me?! Last night on Smack Dizzle, I debuted a pair of Jordan 34s dedicated to my brethren @xavierwoodsphd and his journey to recovery in the Paint-By-Numbers form, matching our gear. The quickness in which he delivered on these was unparalleled. I asked for them right after elimination chamber on the night if 3/9, he had them DONE by 3/10, and shipped to me by 3/11! This is why I call him the Custom Sneaker GOD! Y’all better put some #RESPEK on his name!”

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