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Konnan – ‘AEW Made Brian Pillman Jr. Out To Be The Biggest ‘Dumbf**k’



Konnan wasn’t a big fan of how AEW booked Brian Pillman Jr. in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Speaking on a recent edition of his “Keepin’ It 100” podcast, the AAA booker said,

“He is a bright guy. They made him out to be the biggest dumbf*** on AEW … And you’re being insulted in your hometown and made to look like a cuck. Remember when he stood in front of him [MJF] and he dared him to do something and he didn’t? … How is this in any way helping this guy?”

For those who may not recall, the segment involved Pillman Jr. and MJF going back-and-forth in a promo battle which involved Pillman Jr’s family. You can check out a full video of the segment below.

MJF later faced and beat Pillman Jr. in a singles match on AEW Dynamite two weeks later.

Brian Pillman Jr. is now going by Lexis King in WWE NXT.

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