Konnan: Will Ospreay Has Surpassed Eddie Guerrero In Promos & Charisma


Who can hold a candle to Eddie Guerrero’s ‘Latino Heat?’

Well, when it comes to promos and charisma, Will Ospreay apparently can.


The 29-year-old Ospreay has become a major star in New Japan Pro Wrestling since he debuted for the promotion in 2016 and recently held the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship.

On his Keepin’ It 100, podcast, Konnan and co-host Glenn (Disco Inferno) Gilberti discussed a recent comment from Dave Meltzer, who said that Ospreay is further ahead in “promos, charisma, and ring work” than Eddie Guerrero was at the same age.

“I would agree in promos and charisma, not ring work,” Konnan responded.

When Gilberti retorted that Guerrero’s charisma at age 29 was way ahead of Ospreay now, Konnan fired back.

“Bro, I was there every f**king minute. He had very little charisma then. He got his charisma when he did that promo in WCW and then when he did that ‘Who’s your Papi?’ [storyline in WWE in 2005].”

Ospreay’s most recent match saw him, Akira Francesco, and TJP lose to DOUKI, Taichi, and Yoshinobu Kanemaru at New Japan’s ‘New Year Dash!!’ on January 5.

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