Kurt Angle Speaks On Being Inducted Into WWE HOF And His Favorite Feud


Kurt Angle recently did a Q&A session with fans on his Facebook account. Here are the highlights.

How do you feel after getting inducted in the WWE HOF:

“I’m very proud to be inducted into the WWE HOF. It’s a huge honor. My top 3 picks are Austin, Cena, and Undertaker. Hope it’s one of them.”

What was your favorite feud in the WWE?

“Wow! Tie- Austin or HHH and Stephanie or Brock Lesnar. But the Rock is up there too. Loved all of them.”

Who would you rather feud with, Rusev or Cesaro?

“That’s a tough one. Love them both. But cmon!!!! American Hero vs the Anti Hero is fun….. and $$$$$”


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