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Lance Storm comments on AEW Holiday Bash 2021.

Lance Storm Discusses Stephanie McMahon’s Break From WWE


Stephanie McMahon’s decision to step back from WWE to focus on her family surprised many in the company, but it didn’t “come overnight” and had been in the works for some time now.

Those in the company made it clear that the decision to focus on her family has nothing to do with marital issues. McMahon is expected to be back eventually.

Former WWE star Lance Storm commented on McMahon taking a step back from WWE: 

“I wouldn’t be surprised with Steph and Hunter [Triple H], that they’re falling victims to the all or nothing mentality,” Storm said on The Ariel Helwani Show. “And when you’re in WWE, man, you’re in WWE. It’s a 24/7 lifestyle and I can see where Hunter led that 24/7 lifestyle, and he’s got a family he’s got to try to, you know, be a part of as well that he rode that until he almost physically broke. He had the heart issue, and had to go, ‘I gotta stop.’

“And maybe stopping and getting away, maybe Steph and him realized that maybe 24/7 at work isn’t the best thing for us. And I believe Hunter is coming back and doing more, and maybe Steph decided, you know, Hunter had however long he had off. I don’t know what it was. Maybe she’s like, ‘I need that too.’

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