Liv Morgan – ‘I’m Sitting At Home With My Torn Shoulder’


Liv Morgan has officially confirmed her shoulder injury.

During a recent livestream for the “UpUpDownDown” YouTube channel, Mansoor wound up defending Mace’s UpUpDownDown Championship as the latter couldn’t be there. For those unaware, Morgan was the #1 contender for the title.


When Mansoor jokingly questioned whether Morgan was cleared to compete in gaming (eSport) when she’s not even cleared to compete in the ring, Morgan responded with,

“I’m like sitting at home with my torn shoulder and I’m like, ‘Wow, I’m really excited to win that UpUpDownDown championship, I’m really excited to beat Mace. His kid ‘just so happened’ to have a ‘recital.’ I’d like to see that footage of that recital, just saying. So, you send your friend out [Mansoor], you know what, even with one shoulder, I’m still going to beat you.”

In the end, Mansoor was able to successfully defend Mace’s title in a game of Street Fighter VI against Morgan.

You can check out a video of the livestream below:

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