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NewsLiv Morgan Says It Feels Like Sarah 'Valhalla' Logan Never Left

Liv Morgan Says It Feels Like Sarah ‘Valhalla’ Logan Never Left



WWE Superstar Liv Morgan is thrilled with the return of her Riott Squad ally Sarah Logan to the promotion.

After her release in April 2020, Logan made a one-off return in the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble and would return as Valhalla full-time in November of that same year.

Sitting down with Ryan Satin, Morgan spoke about Logan’s return to the promotion. She said,

“Everything is different. I mean, presentation, just everything. She’s harder now… the baby, everything is different, but it’s very cool. It’s very, very cool. It feels like normal. It feels like nothing even happened, you know? Having her back, it just feels like she never left.”

Given that Logan, like her husband Erik, is a diehard fan of Viking history, Morgan added that the Valhalla character makes a lot of sense. She said,

“It’s so awesome and it’s so her, and she has so much knowledge about everything Viking and mystical, and like, I don’t even know the right word. It’s not woodsy, but, you know? She just has so much knowledge and it’s just cool to see her doing something so different. It’s just so cool to see her dive into something that’s so different and thrive in it.” 

Despite returning full-time last November, Logan is yet to have a match as the Valhalla character.

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