Loads Of EVOLVE News: NYC Return, Young Bucks, More


Partial Source: Pwinsider.com

— EVOLVE 23 and 24 from Queens and Brooklyn, NY are now up for Video on Demand here. They were delayed as WWNLive.com had a server upgrade scheduled so they could sync better with the Roku channel, which will launch any day now.

— There are plans for DGUSA and EVOLVE to return to New York City on November 6 (Queensborough Elks Lodge) and 17 (The Lyceum in Brooklyn).

— Management is looking into getting a permanent Internet line put into The Lyceum so future events can be live via iPPV. They are also looking into how to better light the shows and put on a better production at that venue. The hope is to make those two venues their home base going forward instead of running different markets every time they have a loop. They will run other places but the feeling is that they lost momentum by running every so often in different markets.

— The AR Fox vs. Ricochet match at EVOLVE 23 kept going even with a broken ring, similar to an incident in ECW with Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam. During the Johnny Gargano vs. Rich Swann match a bolt snapped and the welding came apart. While they tried to fix it, Gabe Sapolsky thought it was taking too long and they were going to lose the crowd, so he decided to throw out all of their plans for the main event and improvise. Both Ricochet and FOX were said to be happy with the match after.

Sapolsky said: “As an opportunity to put them in a unique position of having to call everything on the fly so I figured it would be a learning experience for both.”

— There are no plans to return to Ridgewood, New York at this time.

— The Young Bucks are the first talents booked for November.

— DGUSA: Enter the Dragon: Third Anniversary Celebration is finally out on DVD here.

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