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Mark Briscoe Recalls His Double Dog Collar Match With FTR At ROH Final Battle 2022



Mark Briscoe transitioned to singles competition following the tragic death of his brother Jay Briscoe in 2023.

During a recent K&S WrestleFest virtual signing, Mark recalled The Briscoes’ iconic Double Dog Collar Match with FTR that took place at ROH Final Battle 2022. He said,

“Definitely one of my favorite matches in all these years. I think it was a career-defining match for my brother and myself. That was just last year, just over a year ago, so that’s 22 years into the tag team career of Dem Boyz … Since Tony Khan bought Ring of Honor, that’s kind of the most eyes we’ve probably had on us in the States anyway. We wrestled [at the] Tokyo Dome, Madison Square Garden, Arena Mexico, but that Dog Collar match, I just feel like that was another stratosphere of eyes on the match.”

Jay died in a car crash in Laurel, Delaware, on January 17, 2023, at the age of 38. The Dog Collar match at Final Battle 2022 was the penultimate match of Briscoe’s career, and the second to last one Mark wrestled with his brother.

Mark also spoke about his ‘Redneck Kung Fu’ signature moves and what makes them so effective. He said,

“At the same time not only is it a physical attribute where you’re just getting barraged from here, from there, from everywhere, at the same time you’re hearing all these noises and you’re seeing all these crazy facial features and all this crazy movement. It’s also psychological, it’s like you don’t even want to fight no more. You’re like, ‘Man, I’ve got this crazy man coming at me 100 miles per hour, and I don’t know what direction he’s coming, I don’t know what these noises are that he’s making’. So, it’s physical and it’s psychological all wrapped into one. They’re dizzy before I even touch them, and then by the time I lay hands on them they’re beyond dizzy, they’re dizzy, they’re woozy.”

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