Mark Henry Speaks On NXT, Who He Wants To Wrestle, Kevin Owens


Mark Henry recently took part a WrestleMania conference call (courtesy of SportsKeeda for the transcript). Here are the highlights.

Given that you won the World’s strongest man competition, we were wondering who you would pick to fight at WrestleMania?

If there was one person that I would like to fight right now, it would probably be Kevin Owens. Kevin has carved out a place for himself and the things that are his strongpoints, I don’t necessarily like. He is very selfish. He thinks that the sun rises and sets because he wakes up in the morning. That’s something that I never really liked. We had issues before, and he came out on the top end of those deals when we touched, and I feel like I owe him.

What is your best WrestleMania moment?

Favourite WrestleMania moment… (pauses)… I guess my greatest competition was WrestleMania 22 vs. the Undertaker. I didn’t win, but it was one of those that I outperformed at the highest level at a main event of WrestleMania. That’s a once in a lifetime thing and I been blessed to do it more than once. Yeah, WM 22.

What are your views on NXT and has there been any talk about experienced wrestlers like yourself actually going back to NXT and working with, you know, just the up and coming wrestlers on their way up to be able to create some middle ground on that program?

I think it’s great. I’ve been down there and worked with people and not just me but dozens of other guys. The hardest iron is forged in the hottest fire. So you have to put those young competitors against people that are kind of out of their class with, so they can kind of know where to go. It’s something that I think is gonna continue in the future. I thought Bayley should’ve been in the WWE a long time ago. I think that she was kind of used to make everybody else as good as she was and it worked. You got Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Naomi and the list goes on, Emma. They’ve come along now and are doing unbelievable jobs.

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