Mark Hunt Continues To Take Shots At Brock Lesnar Following The Talks Of Lesnar Returning To UFC


There were rumors going around last week, that current WWE superstar Brock Lesnar would be returning to the octagon once his WWE contract expires in April of next year. Mark Hunt ( who is currently suing Brock Lesnar for Lesnar’s use of performance enhancing drugs during their fight at UFC 200) has taken another jab at Lesnar in an interview with Stuff.

Hunt saw the trash-talk between Lesnar & Jon Jones with the two saying that they would love to fight each other & Hunt added that he wasn’t surprised that the two “cheaters” would want a fight with one another.


Hunt“That’s why we’re going to court, because of people like this coming in and cheating. I won’t be surprised whatever they do, look what’s happened so far, it’s just a joke these days with cheaters all over the place. It’s the best cheater that gets away with it wins and that’s the worst thing about this whole scenario, they’re both drug cheats. Instead of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, let’s call it the ultimate cheating competition; may the best cheater win. There’s no respect from me for these guys at all as martial artists, none at all.”

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