Matt “Evan Bourne” Sydal Discusses Working With AJ Styles, Chris Jericho & Chavo Guerrero, More


Matt Sydal recently appeared on The Roman Show, here are the highlights…

On AJ Styles: “Anyone who says when you wrestle AJ Styles to be careful is a moron. He is possibly the best pro wrestling at this very instance,” Sydal said. “You can’t deny he is top 5. Its not ballet. I’ve wrestled him a ton of times. No accidents no problem.”

On Working with Chris Jericho: “The feud I missed out on was me and Rey Mysterio,” he said. “We could have gone longer. The matches we had were classics. I was fortunate to have a run with Chris Jericho. Now is what I would love to have a feud with Jericho. I am ready.”

On Chavo Guerrero: “The most fun I had working with was Chavo Guerrero,” he said. “That’s the guy I had the most fun with. He taught me a special type of wrestling. Its something you can’t learn watching tapes. You can only learn it physically.”

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